Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)


What does surgical abortion involve?
Surgical abortion is the most common type of abortion and it is a quick procedure where a suction instrument is used to empty the uterus.

Does surgical abortion hurt?
As everyone experiences pain differently, it is impossible to generalize on how women feel. It is likely that women may experience some discomfort which is often likened to a period pain. Most women describe this as strong cramps that subside after about an hour.

Will a female doctor perform my abortion?
Both female and male doctors can carry out this procedure. If you particularly would prefer to see a woman doctor, please mention your preference when making an appointment.

How long does surgical abortion take?
Surgical abortion takes approximately 1 hour or less. The length of stay at the hospital or clinic varies but is usually just a maximum of a few hours. If an abortion is being carried out at a later stage, the person may need to stay for the day.

Does the abortion has any risk or effect on my future fertility?
There is no direct evidence that an abortion has any effect on future fertility or any other aspect of general health. However, any surgical procedure or medical treatment carries some risks and it is important that are aware of your health condition before deciding to carry-out the procedure.

How much does a surgical abortion cost?
Usually it costs around RM800-RM4500 depending on a specific surgical requirements. The fees charged for your abortion includes the pre-operative medical history, personal counseling, as well as the surgical procedure or the additional medication for the treatment. However, your specific cost will be determined according to following:
pointsOther treatment if your blood Rh factor is negative
pointsHealth conditions (including costs for lab work)
pointsDifferent type of abortion procedure
pointsLength of your pregnancy

Which procedure is suitable for me?
Each woman who plans to terminate a pregnancy needs to choose the kind of abortion that is right for her. Both surgical and non-surgical options are safe, effective, and highly acceptable to women. Medical abortion (Mifepristone & Misoprostol) is recommended for up to 9 weeks pregnancy. Surgical abortion procedures are typically performed beginning around 6 weeks – 14 weeks.

Why most women prefer non-surgical abortion?
Surgery involves external & physical methods to remove the unwanted pregnancy. Medical abortion is preferred because it’s regarded as a natural way of terminating the pregnancy:
pointsThe medication causes natural miscarriage that she may feel more comfortable
pointsThe woman wants to have more control over the abortion with privacy
pointsThe woman prefers not to have surgery that involve intrusive of sharp instrument
pointsThe woman may be more familiar with a medical abortion