The Facts About Abortion Pills


In 2016, the FDA in United States has finally approved the use of Mifepristone as an alternative to surgical abortion. Since then, nearly 2.4 million women worldwide have successfully terminated their accidental pregnancies safely at home. Here are some interesting facts about the medical abortion or abortion pills:

For a pregnancy below 9 week, it is safe to consume Mifepristone and Misoprostol at home with the right dosage. Before considering abortion pills, it is important that you obtain the actual abortion pills and not gastric medicines or clones (look-alike pills) sold online by fake pharmacists!

Early abortion is 14 times safer than childbirth

If your pregnancy is above 9 weeks, you will need a stronger dose to ensure a successful abortion. Delaying pregnancy for an abortion could increase the chance of medical failure and it costs higher. Medical abortion is usually less effective once your pregnancy reaches above 20 week.

However, it is highly recommended to conduct an ultrasound before considering an abortion. The purpose of ultrasound is to check the content of your womb. This includes: possibility of abnormal pregnancy known as molar or ectopic. Abortion pills will not be effective against abnormal pregnancy. Ultrasound helps to prevent medical failure, you can only be sure once you’ve measured the actual size of your pregnancy so it is within the safest range for you to undergo medical abortion at home. 

Medical abortion dosage only takes 2 days.

On Day 1, you will consume a medication known as Mifepristone. Most women don’t feel anything but it’s normal to experience temporary side effects such as dizziness, dehydration, nausea or vomiting after taking the Mifepristone. You must try to avoid vomiting in 1 hour 30 minutes after consuming the pill, otherwise the effectiveness may be reduced.

On Day 2, you will consume another medication known as Misoprostol. This medicine causes you to bleed with cramps that feels like period pain. It usually occurs in a few hours after the first dose, although some women experienced miscarriage a bit earlier. Bleeding and cramps will be on-and-off and it may last for a few hours. This is normal and temporary. You will need to remain calm and set the right environment for your comfort and privacy. It’s even better to be accompanied by a reliable person to assist you with refreshment necessities (food, pads, mint-balm and warm soaked-towel/bottle).

You will be provided with a complete instruction guide & dedicated 24/7 support line. Don’t panic if you see a large blood clots or pregnancy tissues coming out from your vagina during abortion. The size and thickness of the blood clots is determined by the pregnancy stages. For a gestation below 8-9 weeks, there’s no recognisable shape of a baby but you are most likely able to see the sac with a jelly-like tissues. At abortion of 10 week, the formation of a foetus is obvious and about the size of an almond or grape.

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