About Us

SafeParenthood provides a new approach to parenthood planning.

We are a team of professional reproductive healthcare practitioners with 12 years experience in parenthood planning, birth control & contraceptives, including the non-surgical alternatives for early stage abortion. We provide you with the access to skilled doctors and women specialists with the expertise in reproductive and sexual health services throughout Malaysia.


Our specialists are dedicated on each individual specific needs, minimum budget, time, privacy and confidentiality. Our service is dedicated to all social stages regardless of age, marital status or citizenships. We also provide referral to other women’s health screening, advice or counseling providers. Our services include:
pointsFamily planning and birth control advise
pointsEarly stage pregnancy termination by surgical or non-surgical
pointsMedical abortion (Mifepristone, Misoprostol, Arthrotec, Cyprostol)
pointsDedicated after abortion recovery support line
pointsPre-natal care

Do you provide delivery service for medical abortion?
Yes. We can deliver the medication in 1-3 working days within Malaysia, provided if you have a normal pregnancy below 9 weeks and have a mobile/phone access for us to follow-up in case of emergency.

Do I need to meet a specialist?
It depends on situation. For some women, there’re many conflicting and strong feelings around a crisis pregnancy – taking the time you need to look at your issues and thoughts calmly can help you to make the best decision you can, at the time of the crisis. If you’re indecisive about your pregnancy, meeting a specialist will:
pointsExpand your choices – Parenting, abortion or adoption
pointsHelp in telling your partner, friends and family whenever you need it
pointsPractical information on your rights and entitlements and supports
pointsReferral to healthcare providers such as GPs and women specialist

What is the procedure of meeting a specialist?
An appointment is required before meeting a women specialist. Upon your arrival at the clinic, you will have an ultrasound scan to confirm your pregnancy. Then, a doctor will complete some medical forms and ask you some questions for further information. This will be explained to you by your doctor and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about your treatment as well as after-care and future contraception.

How much does a women specialist cost?
Our specialist consultation fee starts from RM90/hour, depending on where you live and other clinical requirements. Different private specialists expect considerably less or more – not more than RM5,000. Follow-up charges is lower than the initial consultation.

What is the benefit of having a private specialist?
There’re several advantages that justify the cost of a private specialist:
pointsNo waiting lists – you can meet your specialist as soon as you need help
pointsMore options – you can pick any specialist that you’re most comfortable with
pointsNo junior doctors – you will not have to deal with inexperienced junior interns  
pointsNon-judgmental – you don’t have to fret over age, race, marital & social status 

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