Fake Abortion Clinics & Abortion Pills Scam

Fake abortion clinics misrepresented abortion service, lied to their victims and often use malicious language to scare women and prevent them from having abortions. They trap abortion-seekers by claiming to provide “all options” to end unintended pregnancies but it turns out that they offer diversion (e.g hormonal treatment and wrong medications, fake abortion pills, etc) that caused complications during abortion.

Most of the fake abortion clinics were set up by scammers impersonating doctors, anti-abortion nurses, unethical doctors, general practitioners and ultrasound technicians. They seek to target women who are financially desperate, particularly uneducated low-income women, teenagers, low-skilled foreign workers and women with no relatives or family support.

Several undercover surveillance revealed that these fake abortion clinics tend to lure victims by giving them the impression that they provide “cheap or free treatments”, pregnancy tests, testing for sexually transmitted infections, and “all options” for unintended pregnancy. Some scammers are using various tactics to convince their victims to buy abortion pills via COD by providing them with fake pills or cloned generic medications.

Some fake abortion clinics set up by anti-abortion doctors often trap women to prevent them from having an abortion, which leads to adoption, forced parenting, selling babies, and human trafficking. Although clear evidence has revealed that abortion is safer than childbirth, these anti-abortion agenda will continue portray it as a dangerous or even deadly.

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